Was it a Sign or Just Heartburn?

Wednesday, December 23, 2015 was my husband's grandmother's last day on this earth. She led a full and adventurous life in all of her 92 years and she was making jokes about our attempt to sing Christmas carols right up to the very end. "Nice Try" she said.

She was placed in hospice care the week prior but she was going to remain at "home" which was now her daughter and son-in-law's house. She was never a bother even though she wasn't able to care for herself like she would have wanted. Her husband - yes, he was still with us at the age of 96! - couldn't do all the things she needed which was a total turnaround. She cared for him from the moment they married when she was a senior in high school. He wanted to, but he just wasn’t physically able. So he did what he could; he held her hand. I believe I even saw him selflessly hand her the remote once, but I may be mistaken.

The last week she was bedridden so we would sit with her in her room. Once when I was helping her with her soup I asked her if she would come to me once she was gone so I could feel her. She promised she would. Her son passed away the year prior and it took a few days afterward but he definitely made his presence known with a tingly hug. He told me "I made it! Everything is hunky dory!" I've never used those words in casual conversation, so I knew it had to be him; it was totally something he would say.

We knew she didn't have much time left and I wondered if I would know when she passed, or if I would get a sign ahead of time. That happens sometimes, but I don't want to say anything. That's not fair and would just be upsetting.

When I woke up in the early hours with the most painful heartburn, I didn't know what was going on. I have never had heartburn, and for the record I haven't had it since. I didn't know what to do. I sat up, walked around, then found some antacid that apparently helps heartburn. As I sat there it came to my mind that this may be my sign. She had COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease) and maybe I was feeling her. 

In the morning I mentioned to my husband. I told him I felt it was about GG (Great Grandma). We got the call that she passed that afternoon at 4pm. My husband validated that I mentioned it that morning. Maybe it was just heartburn and not everything is a sign, but then again, maybe it was a sign and not just heartburn.

Robin AndersonComment