Six Ways Empaths Can Protect Themselves

Being an empath means you pick up on the emotions of other people. Not the outward appearances, but the deep down inside emotions. Empaths are highly sensitive, but it is not just a sensitivity to surroundings, though that is part of it.

After the events in Newtown, CT, which is about an hour from where I live, I couldn’t hold it together. I felt the grief of the entire planet. It was exhausting. Of course, nearly everyone cried and felt such sorrow. We all got mad and we are demanding answers and action. There is a passion and it’s alive.

Some people are empathic to other people, or specifically to children or the elderly. Some are empathic to animals, or to plants. Some are a combination of all of the above.

My husband can walk in the door from a bad day at work and immediately, I can feel what he is feeling and now I feel like crap too. It’s not just the look on his face, though that’s a dead giveaway, it’s the energy (or lack of it) that I can feel.

When that happens, I automatically adjust my own behavior to make the other person comfortable. I won’t start complaining about the kids or bring up any sensitive subjects because I can feel that he will not be receptive and may say something he doesn’t mean. Having an argument would be worse as I would have to change again to suit the situation.

Empaths are usually very creative people: poets, artists, singers or writers, each having a high level of creativity and imagination. Many of us find it hard to be in large crowds, we get very emotional when hearing about abuse of people or animals, or violence on TV. We choke back tears when the ASPCA commercial comes on.

We have a special relationship with animals. We love their gentle, quiet nature and it feels good to absorb some of that energy. My guides have told me that I need to always have animals so I can keep the feeling of unconditional love in my life. When everything around me seems too hard to take, just holding or laying around with one of our pets is so calming.

Watch how you respond to other people’s moods. It’s not easy taking on negative emotions, so you have to make a conscious effort to protect yourself by maintaining boundaries. and remembering that you are responsible for your own feelings and well-being.

Six Ways You Can Protect Yourself:

  • Ground yourself every morning. Feel yourself being connected to the earth and be present in the moment.

  • Protect yourself right after grounding. Whatever your method; surround yourself with an egg, white light, a bubble – anything that will keep you from absorbing the energy of others.

  • Don’t watch the news. They aren’t interested in making you feel good and you can check your e-device for the weather.

  • Stay away from people who drain you with their drama. This may mean “unfriending” complainers as well as limiting time with friends who drag you down.

  • Stop clicking on sad animal stories. You’ve done it – “Oh my gosh, that poor dog, I wonder what happened…”

  • Tell more people you love them.

What are some other ways you might remove yourself from negative situations in your life?

Robin AndersonEmpath