Is it a Spiritual Awakening, or Just Menopause?

I usually feel it in my hands. Ever since I was attuned to Reiki energy, my hands tingle any time I talk, read or think about Reiki. It’s like they’re letting me know I need to give some energy to somebody. Now. It feels like a low level of electricity on the palms and fingers. I’m getting it now.

Then my head started to tingle once in awhile. That’s a little different, it doesn’t feel like electricity, it feels like that funny contraption called “The Head Tingler” with the long metal fingers. It’s kind of crawly but not in a bug kind of way. It’s distracting for sure.

As I take more classes and improve my intuition and start connecting to spirit, my head tingles several times a day now. Sometimes it’s on one side or the other, sometimes it’s all over the crown. Sometimes it starts in my spine and works its way up to my head, and sometimes I get a full-body tingle. It woke me up once and then I had some weird visions, but I digress.

In addition to the tingles, I get an extremely high pitched ringing in my ears at least once a day. I’m starting to feel the energies around my Crown Chakra. The ringing in my ears could be the frequency the energies are using to communicate, but I’m not in that frequency. Normally, I would chalk all this up to generally getting old and falling apart, but after asking some people who are more experienced in the area of psychic development, it seems this may be physical signs of a spiritual awakening. I looked it up on the internet (where I get all my true information) and found a site that listed signs of a spiritual awakening. A majority of them were also signs of menopause.

How do you determine what is a spiritual occurrence and which is just a natural function of the body? I’d like to think everything that happens is some sort of spiritual communication but really, don’t we just get headaches sometimes? My “science guy” son likes to point out that there is always some scientific reason behind any experience I might be having. Really sucks the fun out of it, yet he is the first one in my family to ask for Reiki when something hurts. Maybe he’s really doing some sort of science experiment on me without me realizing it.

This brings me to oracle card readings. I find them to be very accurate, but when I offer a one or two card reading, I always wonder if the reading will apply to everyone in some way. We can make every card in the deck mean something to us depending on the circumstances in our life. I just pulled an Angel Tarot Card and it is “Balance” and indicates the need for balance and moderation. It says don’t act impulsively and work cooperatively with others. Is there anyone who can’t relate to that? Maybe not in the same context. One person might be thinking about buying a new car, another person might be thinking about quitting their job but the card works for both people. Each person has to figure out what the card means to them, of course.

So how do you determine what’s really going on? I’m going to use my intuition to figure mine out. I think it is both spiritual and physical. Sometimes things feel like divine guidance and sometimes stuff just hurts.

SpiritualRobin Anderson